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    Nancy knows skin! As valedictorian of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Aesthetics complete licensed Aesthetician program and winner of the Marietta Hinds Award, Nancy knew early on that skin care was her calling. She feels that the key to beautiful skin involves using a holistic approach, so each treatment involves the use of vitamins, minerals and peptides as well as diet and supplement recommendations. Please browse our skin care menu below to find the exact treatment specifically geared toward your individual skin.


    "I tend to attract a clientele with sensitive skin. Perfumes or flower extracts cause allergic reactions. Allergic reactions cause acne and aging. Quality skin care isn't slapping on a masque and lighting a candle anymore. It's knowing what each individual's skin needs holistically and creating a healthier, clearer, or younger looking skin from the inside out. Great skin care products not only make our faces look good, but actually change it with high enough concentrations of vitamins and peptides."

    Find out why clients say Nancy gives the best facial that they've ever had.

    Deep Cleansing Facial Geared toward a client with enlarged pores, light to moderate adult acne, or concerns of mild aging, includes heated hand and foot mitts, face, neck and shoulder lymphatic massage, hydro-therapy, exfoliation, soothing calming green tea serums to stop free radical damage, a skin specific masque, vitamin therapy, eye treatment and moisture.  Approximately 1  hour  $55.00

    Anti-acne Facial Gain control of out of control skin. Diet is discussed, and care of the skin, to achieve a nice NORMAL skin, not an overly dry, overly antibiotic-ed skin! Very successful products calm and clear skin. Deep exfoliation and blackhead purge, steam, expression of debris, calming, healing techniques. $45.00+. A glycolic peel can be added for $20.00

    " Instead of hurling countless, useless, expensive products at me, Nancy found what unique factors were causing my acne. My face is clear for the first time. Who would have thought that a food allergy was a main component? Now , with diet changes and calming products, my face is soft and smooth, not dry and blemished"

    Men’s Facial Dealing with irritation, ingrown hairs, aging. A wonderful relaxing, deep tissue massage of face, neck, and shoulders, while firming and cleansing techniques are applied. Vitamin therapy to regain health and youthful appearance. Deep exfoliation, expression of debris, specific masque for correction, and moisture. Hand and foot massage $45.00

    Clinical Studies confirm our new Firming Creme the reduces superficial facial lines by 36% within 4 weeks, and increasing skin firmness by 21% within 4 weeks.

    Firming Facial With the years passing quickly, we don’t want to LOOK like they did.  To increase health, and firmness, and relaxation, this treatment will leave the client both looking and feeling better. Massage, cleansing, and vitamin / mineral / peptide therapy, heated hand and foot mitts. $50.00

    Our new eye treatments are shown to reduce eye bags and wrinkles by 30% in one month. Contains Matrixyl, the best peptide available for reducing fine lines.

    Hydrating Facial For the client with dry skin, that just can’t get enough moisture in. Includes extensive exfoliation and moisture counseling. $55.00

    Back Facial Massage stiffness away, cleanse, and clear pores of debris. Look great, feel soft. $38.00

    Glycolic Treatments are the only Alpha Hydroxy Acids that successfully go deeply in to the skin to slowly remove wrinkles, or scarring, and stimulate new collagen growth. Deeper than Micro Dermabrasion $22.00

    "Regular glycolic peels have transformed my skin and taken away many of the fine lines. My moisturizer and serums can actually penetrate my skin now, allowing it to feel firm, soft and health looking. All of my friends now look older than me, and I love it!"

    Makeup Application: For that special occasion or just to learn how. All foundation shades are custom blended to match exactly. $25.00 with airbrushing add $7, bridal $35 to $40.

    Gather your friends for a Makeup Lesson Party! Learn lots while having fun! $30.00 per member, limited to six. Great for bridal party fun.

    Bottled Custom Matched Foundation Sold Separately $18.95

    Color Analysis with Makeup Lesson. You’ll be amazed at how harmonious you can look. Younger, healthier, perfect. $50.00

    Waxing A perfectly shaped brow can change the whole appearance of the face and eyes. Areas that can be waxed include eyebrows $10.00, chins $4, upper lip $4, side of face $15, underarms $20, chest $25, back $25, and bikini $20 regular $35- $45 brazilian. (bikini waxing for ladies only please)

    Lash Tinting Pale lashes become dark and sultry. Lasts one month. $18.00

    Airbrush Tanning For that special occasion or vacation. $30

    Waxing Eyebrows $10.00, Lip $4.00, Chin $4.00+, Under arms $18.00, Leg to top of knee $25.00, Full leg $40.00, Back $25.00, Chest $25.00, Bikini $18.00, Brazilians $25.00 (we reserve the right to deny someone a brazilian if we feel their skin is to sensitive. Sorry only ladies)

      I am the New England distributor for DERMMineral Mineral Makeup and Faces From Nature Mineral Makeup, the only bismuth free mineral makeup. This makeup includes two reflective sunscreens, healing zinc and no fragrance



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