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    Makeup application is an art form. It can even out uneven skin tone, hide a blemish, make you look thin or heavy. It can open up small eyes or close big ones. It is the closest thing to a magic wand in our possession. One can choose the healthy smooth glow of minerals or the perfection of airbrushing. The choice is yours.

    Our makeup artist Nancy Belisle Tozier taught makeup artistry for a major makeup manufacturer in New York City, Beverly Hills and Boca Raton, showing makeup artists around the country the tricks of the trade. Brides and mothers of the bride are a specialty, as well as evening makeup for festive occasions. Corrective techniques to enhance or camouflage a person's own unique features can be used to transform pretty into fabulous!

    makeup application

    This was from a model "head shot'" photo shoot at Mess Studios( now Dex Studios) in New York City, that I did makeup for. Notice the way light comes to her cheek bones and draws you to her eyes. This was all done with makeup. Her skin was very discolored in areas, yet looks flawless and even. Her great jaw line was intensified and face slenderized, yet she looks as if she has little makeup on and is naturally beautiful. Specific techniques are used for makeup that's being photographed.


    Before Makeup


    After Makeup Application


    Before Makeup Application


    After Bridal Makeup Application

    These ladies were lovely to begin with. Their beauty was merely enhanced with makeup. Come to American Oasis Day Spa and allow us to show the world how beautiful you really are.

    More photos to come!


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