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Detoxification Treatments

Are you tired all of the time? Feeling sluggish and lacking energy? Do you sleep poorly or suffer from allergies. You need a Total Body Detoxifying treatment.

Total Body Detox uses Galvanic energy to attach positive inons to the negitively charged toxins in your body. They are arrtacted to the array placed in your foot bath. After 20 minutes time, your footbath is filled with sludge, heavy metals, pollutions from your kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines. Remarkable to see. You'll feel incredible after.

Body Detoxifying

As the water changes color you can tell which toxins and yeast are being removed from your body.

Healthy Detox

For a 20 minute detox the cost is $25. We are able to serve two clients at the same time. Bring a friend, increase your health.




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